About Us

Our Mission

Ederra Technologies came together in 2016 with just one vision in mind, ‘Safe and Simple Solutions’ at affordable prices. Having a team with collective experience of over 22 years across various domains like Aerospace, Logistics etc and sectors like Space & Defence, we are achieving this goal. Our mission is to provide the best and most effective solution, and to be market leaders in support and service.


We take up custom projects. Our strengths are understanding your needs and giving a solution which addresses all your concerns by using the best of the best in hardware and software technologies available at an affordable price. With specialization in GPS tracking,RFID & School admin applications.

Software Services

Specialized services to the AI market,specifically to the autonomous Driving sector. We are the human machine interface to help machines understand our complex world & increase safety on the roads.

We Annotate !

Annoatation is one of the most important aspects while trying to teach machines how to interpret what it sees in our world. This is something we excel in,helping our customers to focus on their core technology.

We Test !

Every code needs to be tested. But this need not take away time from development. Send it to us & our quality team will ensure that you release the best version of your code in to world.


Your child's safety is our priority from your home to school and back,we got you covered.

Our Track Record

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Our Team

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

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